Client’s Words

We’ve enjoyed working with Gerald and Eysaman & Company on our renovation and new building project. He takes time to listen to our needs and is creative when it comes to designing in a way that incorporates both our wants and budget realities. We’re excited to work in the new spaces he’s designed for us!

Ruth Tollefson;  Development Director    Peace Community Center

We are extremely pleased with the garden Gerald designed for us. The space is very inviting and attractive.  I am especially pleased with his choice of planters and plantings.  He was very hands-on when it came time to implement the design and worked closely with the landscaper.  Thanks for a great project!

Tom & Chris Stave

We have been lovin our house each day. last night we sat on the outdoor porch and had an ice cream while looking out. He really made a great space for us.

Rory Cameron

I thought the dining hall project was fascinating. It started with a long wish list from the Parsons folks, and ended with the fulfillment of nearly every single item on their list. Pretty remarkable.

Scott Findlay, Director of Support Services;    CHIEF SEATTLE COUNCIL – BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA

Dear Gerry,
You have opened a world, rich in texture, color, tradition and culture to children and adults. Your sensitivity to the details of what makes us who we are, wherever we are is inspiring and truly sensitive.Thank you for enriching the lives of us all with the Global Village.

Charlotte & The Children’s Museum