active………..ON THE BOARDS…Under Construction

The Game Shelf     Kent, Washington

New retail store to buy or play board games in a family friendly homelike environment
from Magic to Monopoly – Bridge to Pokemon
Distant Views Enugu, Nigeria

Single family residence
Stave Garden Shoreline, Washington

Transforming the narrow backyard with an interplay of hardscape and seasonal flowering and evergreen plants to create places to sit in solitude or gather with friends
Historic Transformation Tacoma, Washington

1896 single-family mansion’s conversion into 6 apartments

the PRESS ROOM                                                        Tacoma, Washington
Renovation of the old press room in the Historic Tacoma News Tribune Building into an industrial eclectic lounge and gathering place
Robbers Nob Getaway                                          British Columbia, Canada
New rustic cabin along the shore of a Canadian fjord
Garden View Gazebo / Cascading Ponds         Brown’s Point, Washington
Lakeshore View                                   Lake Forest Park, Washington
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Educating Peace, Peace Community Center            Tacoma, Washington
Interior renovations and additions to better accommodate the Hilltop Scholars Learning Program