EYSAMAN& Company is a service and design-oriented architectural firm founded in 1992 in Tacoma, Washington.  It is dedicated improving conditions for individuals and communities by helping to create healthier, more satisfying environments in which to live, work, and play.  A wide array of projects support this vision;  whether it is building something new, renovating, re-integrating something well worn, or through an exploration of the built fabric that connect us to our heritage.  Clients bring projects with unique desires, goals, and expectations that combine with a distinct context;  formed from the site, climate, neighbors, and the wider community.  Through the process solutions are guided by and subjected to regulations, budgets, and schedules. 

EYSAMAN& Company works to bring these often divergent influences together in an inclusive and collaborative process;  where the opinions of all are encouraged and considered.  The result is a more responsive and thereby successful project.

EYSAMAN& Company’s clients are individual homeowners, private businesses, social institutions, and governmental agencies.  While informed by needs and contexts every project is guided by a commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.